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What a joy and blessing to be able to bring this message to you knowing that our students who wish to be in school every day are now able to do so! It’s been a long and challenging journey to get to this point and it’s taken a collective effort on the part of families, staff and our community to enable us to celebrate this accomplishment. We are not out of the woods in regards to the pandemic, but we have learned how to safely be together. I hope that this fourth quarter has our students each learning in the model that best suits them and their families.

We know that while many of our students managed to stay on track and even thrive this school year, we also know that many, for a variety of reasons, struggled. This is true of students across the country. Our governor has asked that districts create a plan to provide extra support to students to help get them back on track for the 2021-2022 school year. The District has developed several options for students who need further enrichment.

Over Spring Break, more than 100 K-8 students will participate in our Spring into STEM program, which will focus on collaborative, fun, project-based learning. We are also developing in conjunction with the Lakewood Recreation & Community Education Department several programs and camps that will take place over the summer. We will have more details on these later this spring.

I also look forward to celebrating our students who have managed to maintain the highest of academic standards despite all the challenges when we present our virtual Celebration of Excellence on May 18. And of course, we all look forward to honoring the members of the Class of 2021 in May as well.

It’s been an unusual year but as always, I am buoyed by the amazing work of our staff and students to continually adapt and be flexible. There are so many lessons that have been learned this year both within and outside the educational setting and I know that moving forward we will take the resilience we have all forged and create a stronger District for all.

I hope you each enjoy a safe, relaxing and fun Spring Break!


Dr. Michael Barnes, Superintendent
Lakewood City Schools


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