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Dear Lakewood Families:

What a wonderful first quarter we had ALL IN with our staff and students! Thank you so much for your support in taking the proper safety measures to keep our school communities safe and to allow for in-person teaching and learning! As I periodically popped into classrooms throughout the quarter, I was heartened to see students connecting with each other and with their teachers in a way that is hard to replicate via a computer.

One of the exciting things I noticed in my visits across the District, is how in the third year of using the Vision of a Lakewood Graduate as our North Star, teachers are finding deeper and more meaningful ways of connecting their teaching with the six competencies of our Vision. A great example is the recent Math in Business Symposium developed by our sixth grade math team at Harding.

The six-week project where students worked in teams to interview Lakewood business owners about the role of math in their businesses touched on so many of the competencies. They collaborated with each other on who to interview, and what responsibilities each would have in the project. They communicated via email with the business owners. They flexed their creative muscles and critical thinking skills designing infographics that shared what they learned. They approached the project, which at first seemed intimidating to many, with a growth mindset. They learned about being a partner/citizen in the community. And finally, they communicated with the parents and the community about their finished projects. 

It’s projects like Math in Business and many others our creative teachers are developing that will help prepare our students for success in the complex world that awaits them after graduation. We are grateful that our dedicated administrators, teachers and classroom support staff continue to find ways to challenge and engage our students and provide real-world learning experiences.

We have recently expanded our Vision of a Lakewood Graduate graphic to give more specific definitions of each competency and to articulate how that translates into skills exhibited in the classroom. Please take a few minutes to review the graphic by clicking on each competency to learn how we are serving the whole child here at Lakewood City Schools.



Maggie Niedzwiecki



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