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Dear Lakewood:

As we move into the second quarter of the school year, staff and students continue to cope with this distressing pandemic as best they can. I am proud of the way our district has met the unprecedented challenges that continue to arise with courage, determination, flexibility and adaptability. It has not been easy, but we are in this together.

Although we were not able to bring our students back into the buildings to start the quarter, we continue to work toward that goal as we know that in-person learning is the best way to meet our students’ academic, developmental and emotional needs. One thing I have learned from this pandemic is that there is no good or right answer when it comes to students and teachers returning to school buildings. We know that each family has its own set of circumstances that leads one set of parents to want an educational path for their child that is 180 degrees different from the path their neighbor may choose for their child. 

Realizing this, we have strived to offer parents an educational choice while keeping the safety guidelines at the forefront. We are all disappointed that right now that choice does not include in-person learning. We encourage everyone to continue to follow best practices in regards to this virus (wash hands frequently, social distance, wear a mask, stay home when sick) so that we may all celebrate the day our students are back in school.


Dr. Michael Barnes, Superintendent

Lakewood City Schools


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