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Students Honored in NYT Photo Contest

Students Honored in NYT Photo Contest

Lakewood High students had an impressive showing in the recent New York Times "Where We Are" Teen Photo Essay Contest. Participants were asked to document an interesting local community through photographs and interviews, then create a compelling photo essay. The Times received 528 entries, with categories for Winners, Runners-Up, Honorable Mentions, and Finalists. Click on Read More to see which LHS students were honored.

Representing LHS are:


Jane Wagle, Elizabeth S., Lana C.: “Burning for Roller Derby”


Anajda Dajlanaj: "The Orchestra Family"

Angelina Detore: "The BabyTron Family"

Josette E. Ballou, Owen R., and Piper M.: "The Pit We Call Home"

Riley Forster, 16, and Madison T.: "A Beautiful Art: Dancing"

Rylie Griffin, Joseph G., Madelaine G., and Sophia L.: "Joy in the Action and Between the Lines"

Sami Shrestha, Olive R., and Ayla F.: "Hostility Means Hospitality in the Cleveland Punk Scene"

Shannon Katzenberger: “There Go the Loudest Women This Town Has Ever Seen”


Congratulations to all the talented students for their amazing work!