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LHS Starts Recycle Right Campaign

LHS Starts Recycle Right Campaign

With recycling codes constantly changing, many Lakewood students (and parents) are unclear about what can and cannot be recycled. Starting for the 2023-24 school year, the LHS halls feature student-created posters that advise students on how to properly recycle in the City of Lakewood. These posters urge students to recycle paper, plastics, cans, and cartons and not recycle cellophane wrappers, clamshell plastics, styrofoam and plastic bags. 

Some quick tips on recycling in Lakewood: These items can be recycled in Lakewood, Ohio (15 Tips on How to Recycle in Lakewood Ohio)

To learn more about proper recycling in Lakewood, visit : 

  • Aluminum Cups: Empty and rinse. No straws.

  • Cans: Empty and rinse.

  • Cardboard: Empty and flatten.

  • Glass Bottles and Jars: Empty and rinse.

  • Paper and Boxes: Empty and flatten cardboard items and cereal boxes to save space. 

  • Plastic Bottles and Jugs: Empty and rinse. Replace the cap. Includes items with an opening or neck narrower than the body.

  • Above all else, when in doubt, throw it out. If you aren’t sure whether an item is recyclable, throw it out to avoid contamination.