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Jan. Spotlight Honorees: Doup & Dyke

Jan. Spotlight Honorees: Doup & Dyke

Congratulations to District maintenance foreman Michael Doup and Lincoln Elementary teacher Molly Dyke on their selection as January Educators of the Month! You can find out more about these two excellent employees by clicking on "Read More".


Michael Doup

As one of the District’s three maintenance foremen, Michael Doup draws on multiple Vision of a Lakewood Educator qualities every day to do his part in the upkeep of the District’s buildings, grounds and equipment as part of the Operations Department.

Michael, who spent years as a commercial electrician before joining the district in 2018, often taps into his critical and creative thinking skills to decipher the source of an electrical problem and then come up with the solution to solve it. If the standard fix doesn’t work, Michael is able to think creatively to come up with a workaround solution.

According to his nominator, Operations Manager Ed Deblock, Michael is a good collaborator as well and always approaches his day with positivity. “Michael is respectful, a great problem solver and is very helpful,” Ed says. Michael is not hesitant to turn to his Operations Department colleagues for help or advice and is appreciative of those who are willing to work together.

Michael leans on his collaboration and communications skills to successfully fill his role as union vice president of OAPSE 134. He is an empathetic listener in this role as he often fields members’ questions and concerns. “My ear is always open to people,” Michael says.




Molly Dyke

As a kindergarten teacher, Lincoln Elementary’s Molly Dyke believes it's her job to plant the seed of a lifelong love of learning in her students. “I try to make my classroom productive and fun because my main goal is to get them to like school,” she says.

Molly, who started at Lincoln in 2000, works on achieving that goal with a perennial upbeat attitude along with large doses of critical and creative thinking, empathy, collaboration and a growth mindset.

Says Molly’s nominators, Lincoln PE teacher Nicole Anderson and Principal Brenda Budzar: “Molly’s joyful optimism is contagious, and evident to fellow staff and families as she supports the academic growth, and social and emotional well-being of current and past students.”

One of Molly’s favorite parts of teaching Lincoln’s youngest learners is being able to watch her past students grow from tiny kindergartners into school leaders and mature fifth graders. Just hearing their name on the announcements or watching them on the News Crew brings her joy. 

Molly is willing to help any endeavor that strengthens her school community whether that be working with Girls on the Run or the school’s PBIS and math curriculum committees. Her colleagues agree that Molly’s Vision of a Lakewood Educator qualities make Lincoln a better place. 

“Molly is a supportive listener, respects others and lends her creative problem solving in endless ways to strengthen the Lincoln School Community. “