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Harding Student Poems in National Exhibit

Harding Student Poems in National Exhibit

A group poem by some Harding Middle School sixth graders in Mr. Spooner's class is on display at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., as part of the Dear Ukraine global community poem project. Student Leelu Baxter's individual poem also was selected to be in the exhibit. You can hear these poems and others from the class at a Dear Ukraine reception on Sunday, March 12 at Lakewood Public Library. Click Read More to view the poems included.

Mr. Spooner's Advanced Social Studies 5th period poem:

I'm so far from knowing the stomachache
you get every time you scurry from the gunfire.
From the blast of bombs ringing in your ears.
From the ashes of the places you once loved.
May you shower yourself with memories
of all the times you’ve won, with the hope you
won’t forget the shine and warmth of peace.

Leelu Baxter's poem:

I want you to know that through the smoke
and the smog there is a blue sky,
that the scent of gunpowder and fire
will be pushed away by your mother’s Shepherd's pie.
And although your father died at war,
he's watching from above, smiling at you.
And in the rubble of the town square,
there is a flower. Yellow petals blooming. Brightly.
A spark of hope. And you will heal.
And there will be life.