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Educator Spotlight: Corrigan & Fenko

Educator Spotlight: Corrigan & Fenko

Congratulations to February Educator Spotlight honorees Rosie Corrigan of Lincoln and Megan Fenko of the Athletic Department! They have been singled out by their peers as an outstanding employee and colleague. Click on Read More below to find out more about this fabulous staff member!



Over her 30 years with Lakewood City Schools, Lincoln Elementary fifth-grade teacher Rosie Corrigan has developed a comfortable ease in the classroom and a natural rapport with her colleagues. With her many years of experience and a focus on what’s best for her students, Rosie seamlessly weaves our Vision of a Lakewood Educator competencies into her day.

Name a competency and Rosie excels at it! Rosie’s nominator, her 5th grade teaching partner, Kate Bunsey, sings Rosie’s praises about what a wonderful collaborator she is. The two work together daily - often for hours after school - to find the best academic path for their students.  

In the classroom, Rosie is always kind and thoughtful in her communication with students, displaying her natural empathy as she keeps her students’ social-emotional needs in mind. She also constantly stays in touch with her families, knowing how important parents and guardians are as partners in their student’s education.

Rosie’s creative side comes through when she shares her love of reading with her students and in how she provides a diverse library for her classroom. Fostering growth mindset and global awareness and citizenship competencies, Rosie likes to introduce literature that “open a window” on others’ experiences for her students, such as a book of a young Sudanese refugee’s story.

Says Katie: “Over the years, I have watched students grow not only in their love of reading and engagement with a variety of texts, and also in their skills and competencies as critical readers “ With her love of reading, it is no surprise that Rosie leads Lincoln’s Battle of the Books team. Rosie also helps with the Lincoln News Crew, which often requires her to  stretch her mind with the sophisticated technology involved.

Katie opened her nomination by saying that she is thankful every day that Rosie is her teaching partner. We are thankful for you too, Rosie!




With a stable of 85 high school and middle school teams to manage, the Ranger Athletic Department has a lot to handle. Thankfully, Department secretary Megan Fenko is a master at juggling all the balls that are continually in the air. From scheduling staff to work games, organizing senior nights, keeping track of the mounds of online forms needed from each competitor, to fielding many calls and emails from families and athletes with questions, Megan makes it look easy.

Megan, who joined the District in 2017, relies heavily on her communication skills to keep the office, games, meets and matches running smoothly. “Megan is instrumental in communicating with coaches, parents, officials, game workers, etc.,” says Megan’s nominator, Athletic Director Rob Slone. Rob is especially grateful to Megan for covering for him while he was out on a recent medical leave.

“For 2 1/2 weeks she has handled all athletic events planning and execution and they were nearly flawless,” he said.

Besides being a great organizer and communicator, Megan finds herself often displaying the Vision of a Lakewood Educator competency of empathy. As families start out on their student’s athletic journey as a Ranger, many questions and sometimes anxieties arise about the process of getting started and periodically throughout the student’s athletic career. Megan is always there to settle the situation. “We want them to know we are here to help, " Megan says. “We want their kids to have a great experience.”

Finally, Megan couldn’t be as efficient and successful in her position as she is without great collaboration. She credits the coaching staff for always being willing to pitch in and says she does the same for them. The coaches know that they can reach out to Megan for help any time, no matter what the time. Thank you, Megan!