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Educator Spotlight: Amberik & McCarthy

Educator Spotlight: Amberik & McCarthy

Congratulations to skilled maintenance worker Joe Amberik and Franklin School of Opportunity math teacher Missy McCarthy on being named our November Educator Spotlight honorees! Please click on Read More to learn more about these two exemplary staff members!





Skilled maintenance staff member Joe Amberik takes pride in his commitment to his work. He reports every day with the intention of doing the best that he can. In true Vision of a Lakewood Educator fashion, that entails Joe using many of our Vision competencies to do so.

Joe is comfortable with and communicates frequently with his fellow maintenance crew members in order to work efficiently in his day. His direct style of communication gets right to the point and helps stave off issues from lingering. 

Says Joe’s nominator and supervisor, Ed Deblock: “Joes openly shares and is honest and respectful to others.”

Ed also praises Joe for his ease of collaborating with others. “He is always willing to work together to problem-solve,” says Ed. “He is always willing to help out wherever needed and demonstrates adaptability and flexibility.”

Joe says he approaches his job with a growth mindset, eager to learn new skills from his colleagues. “Everyone has their strong points,” Joe says, “I like to learn from other guys-from their strengths.” 

Finally, Joe’s empathetic nature comes through in his natural inclination to carry some of the load for  colleagues when they are not feeling well or recovering from an injury or they just need a helping hand for a project. 

We are grateful for the many ways Joe shows he is a true Lakewood Educator!




Math teacher Missy McCarthy has loved teaching at Franklin School of Opportunity over the past decade in big part because it feels like family to her. And while she is adept at teaching her high school students algebra, she is equally successful in fostering the sense of family and community that her students and colleagues love most about the school. 

Missy demonstrates our  Vision of a Lakewood Educator competencies of communication and empathy in spades.

Missy’s nominator, former FSO and current LHS teacher Rachel Kerney says: “Students always feel welcomed and safe in her classroom, where they can open up to her about their jobs, interests, and personal matters and she is always there to listen” - evidence that “I like to really get to know kids, know their lives and foster being a supportive adult in their life,” says Missy. Sometimes that means conversations at student desks and other times it means always having snacks available for the taking, and not just for her math students.

Missy is also a great collaborator. When Rachel moved from FSO to Lakewood High to teach math, the two worked together over the summer to develop the curriculum for the new Algebra 1B course. “We have bridged this gap between our schools and are working together to create lessons and activities that will benefit everyone,” Rachel said. Missy also works across departments at FSO, often teaming with the Science teachers to collaborate on lessons that overlap and making sure students' needs are met across both subjects. 

That collaboration is just one example of Missy always thinking of the betterment of her students.