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    Greetings from your child’s Title 1 Reading Intervention Staff! Your child was identified for reading intervention by a research-based benchmarking instrument and meets with us on a daily basis in a small group for intensive reading instruction and practice.

    We are busy this quarter working on building FLUENCY. Research reveals that fluency is one of the most important factors that can lead to reading success. Building reading fluency has the potential to provide substantial benefits in skill areas related to comprehension, vocabulary, and overall academic success. Because fluent readers do not have to concentrate on decoding the words, they can focus their attention on what the text means. They can make connections among the ideas in the text and their background knowledge. In other words, fluent readers recognize words and comprehend at the same time. Less fluent readers, however, must focus their attention on figuring out the words, leaving them little attention for understanding the meaning of text.

    Our days are filled with fluency passages, poetry, sight words, and phrases. For our younger students, fluency begins with recognition of common sight words in addition to identifying and applying phonics principles through our Fundations program. Repeated readings help your child build reading fluency and enhance comprehension.

    You can access a leveled list of common sight words from the Dolch and Fry Sight Words link on the Roosevelt Title 1 Webpage conveniently linked to the Roosevelt homepage.  A leveled list is also attached. Be sure your child fully masters one leveled list before moving on to the next. The Fry Sight Words list is a more modern list of words than the Dolch list and was expanded to capture the most common 1,000 words. Learning all 1,000 words in the Fry list would equip a child to read about 90% of the words in a typical book, newspaper, or website.


    Success in reading fluency is regularly monitored and recorded. Goals are set and progress is monitored. Three to four word phrasing is an important component of fluency. A graded list of leveled fluency phrases is also attached to this newsletter. You can boost your child’s reading development by practicing the leveled fluency phrases together. See if your child can read the list in a minute!

Other important ways in which you can promote your child’s success in reading are:

  • READ together often! Help your child ‘sound out’ unknown words. TALK about what is being read.

  • Explore the learning links on our Title 1 webpage. Read along with online books through Unite for Literacy (younger students), Just Books Read Alouds, Tumblebooks (Lakewood Public Library link), National Geographic Young Explorer, or Book Flix. Build comprehension with Reading Test  Practice and Read Works.

  • Visit a school or local library. Does your child have a library card? The Lakewood Public Library offers wonderful early literacy and weekend or after school programs such as Brain Teasers, Computer Connections, and Tail Waggin’ Tutors.

  • Practice sight word vocabulary to build fluency. (Dolch/Fry link)

  • Let your child see YOU reading.


The Value of Literacy

Children who read succeed in school and in life. The simple act of enjoying books together every day from birth through elementary school establishes essential reading skills while building warm relationships. While your love and time are priceless, according to one study, every year you read with your child, their average lifetime earnings increase by $50,000! 1  Lynn Fielding, Nancy Kerr, and Paul Rosier, The 90% Reading Goal (Kennewick, WA: The New Foundation Press, 1998), page 68.


We are thrilled to be working with your child this year! Together we can work to ensure your child’s success in reading!                    

                                                             Your Roosevelt Title 1 Staff,

                                                              Mrs. Snyder and Mr. Plevyak

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