Third Quarter Fundations

This quarter in Fundations, the students will finish Unit 9.  This includes the er, ir, and ur sound in words, which is the r-controlled syllable type.  Then, we will move onto Unit 10 for two weeks which is the "D" syllable.  This means a double vowel, there are many!!  We will focus on ai and ay.  Next, is Unit 11 which is also two weeks, and continues with the "D" syllable: ee, ea, ey.  Unit 12 is one week: oi and oy "D" syllables.  Lastly, the quarter will end with Unit 13, "D" syllable also, oa, oe, ow for two weeks,  We will be working on a lot on multisyllabic words, which are more difficult for the students, and marking both syllable types.  The packets I send home are excellent review/practice, but please don't rush through them.