March  16, 2020

Dear Parents, 

      I have truly tried to think of everything since last Friday to make this transition as smooth as possible. I packed up your child’s belongings so they will have everything they need at home. I just did a Reading Level on every child and put it on his/her bag. I chose many  books for your child, some above their level. 

We have finished Module 5 in Math which was addition and subtraction with numbers to 1,000 and word problems to 100.  We are on Module 6, the foundation of multiplication and division. Reader's Workshop is finishing with Non-Fiction and we will go back to fiction and focus on the characters; how they respond to problems, similarities across series, predictions, and relationships.

We have completed three lab reports with force/motion experiments. They love this writing as they have been scientists. Your child may do their own experiment at home. They have their sample reports and a new blank one.

The students have a Reading log, they need to read for an hour a day. They have many choices; Raz-Kids,  library books, books from home, or their plastic bags. They may listen to a book from my website; Story OnLine.

Fundations is Chapter 13 , the "d" syllable, which is the double vowel.  There are no new skills with this unit.

The students have a notebook that they can write in everyday. Please edit their writing with them. Your child may do their writing on a computer if he/she prefers.

They have their math books and sprint books, we are on Module 6, lesson 4. Please complete 5 lessons and the Sprints that correlate.

My Website has Zearn, Happy Numbers, Raz-Kids, Brainpop, and Story On-Line. I sent home their logins if needed. Just google; Mary Pat Wise and it comes up, or go to the Lincoln Home page to teacher websites. Google  “Mystery Doug” for Science.

We do an hour of Reading, Writing and Math everyday. Your child has many choices of what to do, you know your child the best, let them have variety and choices! Brainpop has so many learning movies to watch, quizzes, vocabulary etc. The kids know exactly how we do it. The most important thing with all of these resources is that you help and check everything they are doing. I model and assist them with everything.

Please do not send in the Math pages or homework for me to check, for they are very easy and you can do that as your checking. We have completed the most difficult math this year, The last 3 units are so much easier.

 Please email me between 9:00 -11:00 a.m. if you have any questions. This is a very unusual time period that we all are going through. I will miss you child immensely! Thank you for your continuous support!!!

My daughter; Kelly is available to babysit or help out in any way that you may need. The kids all know her. She’s 27 and was in product development for three years and decided to get her Masters in Early Childhood Education. This is her contact:


Stay Healthy, Safe, and Happy Spring!

Mary Pat Wise