Daily Schedule


8:45-9:00  Bell Work/Raz-Kids or Zearn

9:15-9:50 Math

9:50-10:30 Music/Gym

10:30-10:45  Read Aloud/Shared Reading/Snack

10:45-11:15 Math

11:15-11:55 Reading Block

11:55-12:40 Lunch/Recess

12:40-1:30 Reader's Workshop

1:30-2:10 Writer's Workshop

Exercise break; yoga, Go Noodle, or Playground

2:10-3:05 Science/Social Studies/Fundations/Planners/Backpacks

3:05 Dismissal

LRC book selection is Thursday afternoon

Technology with Mrs. Gleason Wednesday afternoon


Reading: 30 minutes a day. (Raz-Kids, Library books, Level books from plastic bag, at home book)

Math: 30 minutes a day; One Zearn lesson, one sprint page if there is one, one problem set.

Writing: 15 minutes in journal, 15 minutes editing.

Fundations: 15 minutes daily, packet.

Social Studies: 2x a week for 15 minutes; TFK or Brain Pop

Science: 2x week for 15 minutes: Mystery Doug (google him, the kids love him!), Brainpop, or science experiment (lab report will count as your child's writing for the week.)

Please realize that we take many breaks throughout the day: I read to them, meditating, Go Noodle, yoga, playground, recess, choice time, music and gym.  Allow whatever breaks work for you and your child.