We will have homework every night Monday through Thursday.  There will be an weekly information sheet slid into the front of their purple folder each week.  Most of the homework is skill practice in reading and math.   All of their homework will be assigned at the beginning of the week, but will be due on different days.  Students can feel free to budget their time and work ahead, however some concepts might not be taught until the day of the assignment.  I also allow students to work on homework in class if they finish their class assignments ahead of time.  I feel it's important to transition them into utilizing their time well in preparation for middle school.  The websites listed in this webpage can often assist in reteaching concpets.  Incentives will be given to those who complete their homeworkyes.  Students who show a pattern of not being responsible may need to make up work during recessno.

There may be a couple long term assignments besides the book reports, but they will have plenty of advanced notice and reminders.