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Please do a daily Zearn Lesson/ Eureka beginning on March 30th so we stay on schedule. Please just complete 5 lessons/week to keep everyone on the same pace for now. Play Crazy Eights! -if you have cards, total up the value of each non-winning hand and then after so many games add up the totals-the lowest score wins! Face cards =10 points, an 8 =50 and any others are their value.

  • Take a survey. Come up with a question and answer choices and poll your family and friends. Then make a graph to display the results.

  • Find a yummy recipe. Make half the amount the recipe calls for (by dividing all the measurements in half). Then eat it!

  • Make an itinerary for a play-date. Think about how long each activity will take, and make a schedule with start and end times.

  • Build a tower or structure with reusable items in your house.

  • Complete a complicated puzzle with a family member

  • Measure the perimeter or area (i.e. cubic inches or feet) of a room or house in your house. 

    • Extension- design a house or building

  • Track how much time chores take using a stopwatch. 

  • Play a math game! 

  • Explore the problems at NRICH 

    • Here are the problems that are currently live for kids age 7-11. That means that you can work on them and then submit a solution to the website. Your solution could be posted on their website!

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