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Vision of a Lakewood Ranger

In June 2019, the Lakewood Board of Education adopted a new strategic vision for the Lakewood City Schools after soliciting input from its many stakeholders. The Vision of a Lakewood Graduate consists of six core competencies: creative and critical thinking, communication, collaboration, growth mindset, global awareness/citizenship, and empathy. When each of our students graduates from Lakewood High School, they will head into our ever-changing and complex global world with these six competencies instilled in them. 

In 2021, the District developed an additional layer to our Vision that compels its educators to view the teaching of the competencies through the lenses of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and social-emotional learning. With the start of the the 2022-2023 school year, the District expanded its application of the competencies to include all of our staff in our Vision of a Lakewood Educator. Our Educator Vision highlights the critical skills that all our educators strive to demonstrate in order to make our Vision of a Lakewood Graduate a reality for our students.

In 2023, the District wanted our Vision to reflect the fact that we are all a team working together toward a common goal of graduating empathetic, globally aware young people who are creative and critical thinkers, and good communicators with a growth mindset. Our Vision of a Lakewood Ranger unites our Graduate and Educator visions to acknowledge that we are all Rangers, all with the same mission.