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Strategic Plan

The Lakewood City Schools in early 2022 embarked on a process to develop a three-year strategic plan that will be the District's roadmap for the years ahead. In partnership with The Impact Group, we gathered input from approximately 1,600 stakeholders including  Board members, families, students, business leaders, nonprofit leaders and the greater Lakewood community. The input was gathered through virtual and in-person focus groups, one-on-one conversations and an electronic survey.

Through the process of listening to our stakeholders, themes emerged that helped us focus our plan on seven goals and objectives as outlined below.  We believe these goals reflect the core values of our district and provide actionable objectives that will inform all our decisions moving forward. An administrative director has been assigned to each goal and will be responsible for reporting progress on each goal monthly. 

We are grateful for our community's interest and dedication to our district. Together, with our Vision of a Lakewood Graduate and our new strategic plan, we will continue to build on the excellent legacy of the Lakewood City Schools.



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