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Facilities Study

The Lakewood City Schools has embarked on a comprehensive examination of its facilities that began with a Facilities Study Task Force convened in spring 2023. The District contracted with the  architectural firm GPD Group to conduct a facility study to assist in the assessment of the current use of our facilities and explore opportunities to maximize the use of those facilities and resources. The study  included an assessment of existing conditions and use, a review of educational programming needs, a review of enrollment projections, and the facilitation of the Task Force to provide feedback and develop recommendations for facility improvements. The task force is made up of staff from the elementary, middle, and high school levels, parents and community members.

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“As educational leaders, we have a responsibility to care for, protect, and maintain our facilities and buildings,” said Superintendent Maggie Niedzwiecki of the study.  “Additionally, we have the responsibility to periodically review the use of our facilities and the role each facility plays in helping us achieve our mission in ways that are financially responsible, sustainable, and provide the greatest opportunities for our students’ growth.”

The second phase of the facilities review is the Elementary Planning Task Force, which will convene in August 2024. The District has contracted with the strategic planning firm The Impact Group to facilitate. This task force will be charged with looking at enrollment figures and how the District can maximize its elementary space with the needs of learning in the 21st century in mind.


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