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Facilities Study

The Lakewood City Schools has secured the services of the architectural firm GPD Group to conduct a facility study to assist in the assessment of the current use of our facilities and explore opportunities to maximize the use of those facilities and resources. The study will include an assessment of existing conditions and use, a review of educational programming needs, a review of enrollment projections, and the facilitation of a Facility Study Task Force to provide feedback and develop recommendations for facility improvements. The task force is made up of staff from the elementary, middle, and high school levels, parents and community members.

study group

“As educational leaders, we have a responsibility to care for, protect, and maintain our facilities and buildings,” said Superintendent Maggie Niedzwiecki of the study.  “Additionally, we have the responsibility to periodically review the use of our facilities and the role each facility plays in helping us achieve our mission in ways that are financially responsible, sustainable, and provide the greatest opportunities for our students’ growth.”

The District will also be hosting a series of community engagement events and opportunities for feedback later this spring. 

The results of the facility study and work of the Facility Study Task Force could possibly be completed by the end of the summer and presented to the Board of Education for further consideration. The District is hopeful that the outcomes of this study will provide valuable information and recommendations that can help guide the District in its planning for the future use of our facilities.

“We are committed to continuing our partnership with the community and engaging stakeholders,” remarked Niedzwiecki. “Providing excellent educational opportunities for all students and citizens of Lakewood City Schools remains the heart of our mission.”

Task Force Members

Steven Ast
Bruce Banfield
Linda Beebe
Terri Bornino-Elwell
Lisa Bruening
Michael Callahan
Sabrina Crawford
Joanna D'Agostino
Bill DiMascio
Chris Donahoe
Megan Dubecky
Jay Foran
Lynn Foran
Jen Frank
Vince Frantz
Christine Gordillo
Kim Griffith
Anne Marie Grimberg
Aimee Guzowski
Kate Ingersoll
Nora Katzenberger

Stephen Kerney
Denice Leddy
Tara Lottig
Lisa Majeski
Rachel McGann
Sean McGuan
Anne McQuay
Joy Morgan
Maggie Niedzwiecki
Christine Palumbo
Emma Petrie Barcelona
Robin Pettiegrew
Felestine Salti
Kate Schantz
Sharon Schuldt
Betsy Shaugnessey
John Storey
Sara Verderber
Rachel Vuyancih
Mark Walter
Jason Weiner
Lucas Yousko
Kent Zeman

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