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Early Childhood Program Key Components






  • Teachers hold a valid Ohio Teaching License and meet Ohio's requirements for working with Prekindergarten children. Classroom assistants also meet state criteria and are under the direction of the classroom teachers.
  • Each child's development is discussed during parent teacher conferences and throughout the school year.
  • Program instruction is aligned with the Ohio Department of Education's Early Learning and Development Standards.
  •  Children are provided many opportunities to develop necessary academic and social skills and pursue many areas of interest. 
  • All classes use the Creative Curriculum Fifth Edition Preschool Curriculum which is fully aligned with Ohio’s standards. 
  • Children develop at different rates and have different abilities; all activities are developmentally appropriate which allows children to develop at their own pace.


The Lakewood City School District's Early Childhood Program is founded on the following beliefs:

  • Children learn best when activities are developmentally and individually appropriate.
  • Children acquire the appreciation of differences in society through the interactions with diverse groups of children and adults.
  • Children learn best through play, exploration and discovery.
  • The inter-relationship between child, family and school form the core of preschool planning.
  • Children must have their basic needs met in order to fully develop their potential.
  • Children acquire citizenship skills through interactions with diverse groups of children and adults.
  •  In the classroom, the process of an activity is deemed more important than the product.
  • Each day the children are encouraged to make their own decisions, communicate their experiences, work with other children and adults and exercise self discipline.