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AdamsKristin  -  Teacher, Third Grade 227-5701 x8620
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AndrzejewskiSarah  -  Teacher, Kindergarten 227-5701 x8333
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BeelerKristen  -  School Psychologist 216-227-5130
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Beisel-LinnLisa  -  Curriculum & Technology Teacher 529-4334
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BluhmFrances  -  Tutor, Auxiliary/Title I, ISGI
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BoggsSarra  -  Head Custodian 227-5553
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BrownKellie  -  Teacher, 1st Grade 227-5701 x8423
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BryanKara  -  Title I
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CintronAnna  -  Teacher, 2nd grade
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CoeMegan  -  Student Wellness Specialist
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CollinsAnn  -  ELL Tutor
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CorriganKathleen  -  District Nurse 227-5129
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CrawfordSabrina  -  Principal 227-5544
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DayMary  -  Teacher, 5th Grade 227-5701 x8388
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DiGregorioAl  -  Lunch Monitor 0
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DuncanAntonina  -  Teacher, Kindergarten 227-5701 x8325
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FinkMaryellen  -  Title 1 Tutor 216-529-4230 x75555
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FordThomas  -  Network Specialist Communications 529-4457
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FribourgMirna  -  Lunch Monitor 529-4005
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FuehrerLisa  -  Teacher, Intervention Specialist 227-5701 x8402
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GasparroBrittany  -  Family Resource Coordinator 216-529-4230
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GodfrayLaura  -  Title I Teacher 227-5701 ext. 8233
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GrantStephanie  -  Teacher, Music
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GreeneJeffrey  -  Intervention Specialist
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HemperlyElizabeth  -  Title 1 Tutor 216-529-4230
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HickeyTiffany  -  Teacher, ESL 227-5701 x8334
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HolokaiSarah  -  LECP Teacher 227-5701 x8314
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JammalPatricia  -  Title 1 Tutor 216-529-4230
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JohnsonJennifer  -  Media Specialist
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KirkwoodAllison  -  Preschool Aide
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KnottsDavid  -  Lunch Monitor 529-4230
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KotranChristine  -  Lunch Monitor
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KrausKatie  -  Teacher, ELL 227-5701 ext 6760
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KrausRegina  -  Teacher, First Grade 227-5701 x8327
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MelickStephanie  -  Teacher, Music
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MoremanTerry  -  Secretary 529-4230
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MurtonNicole  -  Title 1 Tutor 216-529-4230
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MusacchiaMegan  -  Title I Tutor 227-5701 x8569
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NassarSabah  -  Lunch Monitor
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RacyAlice  -  Educational Assistant 227-5701 x8659
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RevolinskyEileen  -  Health Aide 216-529-4230
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RiderTracy  -  Preschool Aide
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SchleimerKayla  -  Title 1 Tutor 216-529-4230
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SextonPeggy  -  Cafeteria Worker 227-5701 x8111
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SgambelloneJeannette  -  Teacher, TESOL 227-5551
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ShaughnessyAnita  -  Educational Assistant 227-5701 x8347
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SperliKimberly  -  Teacher, 4th Grade 227-5701 x8395
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StarkAmanda  -  Title I Tutor
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StormerGregory  -  PreSchool Teacher
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Strawn-AllansonAllison  -  Teacher, 2nd Grade
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TaxAndrea  -  Cafeteria Worker 227-5701 x8124
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TuletaAbbigail  -  Paraprofessional 216-529-4230
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VanderveerShawna  -  Intervention Specialist
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WeberCarrie  -  Teacher, 4th Grade 227-5701 x8723
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WeidenMegan  -  Teacher, 3rd Grade 227-5701 x8125
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Westerburg-MaslerDiane  -  Teacher, Elementary Art
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WhitmerLaura  -  Assistant Custodian 227-5701 x8202
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WillsLisa  -  Aide, Preschool Handicapped 0
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WilsonHope  -  Lunch Monitor 529-4230
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WintleKim  -  Library Media/Technology Assistant 529-4443
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WittJennifer  -  Teacher, Fourth Grade 227-5701 x8614
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WozniakowskiDorota  -  Lunch Monitor 529-4230
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