Driveway Behind Lakewood High School from Bunts to Robinwood will be CLOSED to Traffic on Monday, October 13, 2008

Parents of Lakewood High School Students:


As construction to the west wing of Lakewood High School moves forward we sometimes need to make adjustments in order to accommodate the various stages of the construction.  Our construction managers, Regency/Turner, will begin construction of the necessary connections for a new boiler building on Monday, October 13, 2008.  Due to this part of the construction Lakewood High School must make adjustments to traffic patterns behind the school. 


Beginning Monday, October 13, 2008, vehicular traffic will no longer be able to drive from Bunts Rd. to Robinwood Ave. behind the school building.  That drive will be closed, in both directions, in the area of Building D, the Auto Shop building.  Signs will be posted by the Arts building on the east and the pool building on the west indicating the road is closed and not to enter the area.  Vehicular traffic will still be able to enter this drive from Bunts Rd. and drop off students between the Science and Arts buildings.  Vehicles will then have to drive around the parking area and exit back onto Bunts Rd.  


The entrance to the back of the high school from Robinwood Ave. is being reserved for delivery and construction vehicles only.  Should a parent decide to drop their student off in this area they will need to do so on Robinwood Ave. and then turn around and drive southbound towards Madison Ave.  Students will still be able to walk to the student arrival door behind the building.


Lakewood High School will still have their drop off areas in front of the building and in the north parking lot.  Parents should be aware that traffic on Bunts Rd. will probably become more congested and utilizing the drop off area in the north parking lot is the best choice. 


A walkway for students needing to go between Building D and the Main Building is being developed to keep students safe in the construction area.  A timetable for the completion of this phase of the construction is not known.  The possibility exists this area could remain closed for other phases of the high school construction.


Lakewood High School greatly appreciates your patience and understanding during this construction period.


Sincerely yours,



William W. Wagner, Ed.D.                                                      David C. Estrop, Ph.D.

Principal, Lakewood High School                                            Superintendent of Schools

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