Costello & Williams Share Staff Spotlight

Posted On: Monday, February 4, 2019


Kevin CostelloMedia specialist Kevin Costello knows he is a lucky guy. From the relationships he’s able to build with students to the resources available to him to do his job, he takes none of it for granted. But the funny thing is, if you ask Kevin’s peers, they would say it is they who are lucky to have Kevin to support them.

“Kevin is incredibly helpful and enhances our ability to integrate technology into the classroom,” says Kevin’s nominator, math teacher Quinci Teer. “I always know that I can count on Kevin to assist when I'm in need.”

Kevin’s impact across the two schools he serves – Harding and Hayes – is evident throughout the buildings. Whenever there is a need for a creative video to spread a building-wide message to students or to enhance a classroom project, Kevin is the guy.

While his technology skills are obvious, it is Kevin’s commitment to and relationship with the students that set him apart. You have to look no further than his Harding News Crew adviser role, which has him at school every morning at 7:30 to help his crew put together a news show, to see the commitment is real.

Spending that time with the students is what it’s all about for Kevin. He feels that his position as a media specialist gives him the best opportunity to do that.

“In the library, every relationship is a positive one…I feel here I can support students intellectually and emotionally. I get to know them really well and know their interests,” says Kevin, who joined the District in 2006. His easy manner with the students does not go unnoticed.

“Kevin builds strong, positive relationships with our students and helps to shape them into responsible digital citizens,” Quinci says.

Our students are the beneficiaries of Kevin’s generosity and talent. For Kevin, the feeling is mutual: “I get a real kick out of kids,” he says. “They are fun to be around!”



Pam WillilamsIt would be easy for someone to be overwhelmed with all the tasks involved in running the Lakewood High Book Room. Not Pam Williams. She runs a tight ship in the busy glass hub in the corner of the cafeteria - and she makes you feel like a welcome guest doing it.

Pam, who joined the District in 2006, honed her multi-tasking skills as a building secretary at Franklin, McKinley, and Horace Mann. She moved on to the Book Room position in 2012 and since then has been happily collecting fees, selling event tickets, tracking club accounts, putting up purchase orders, and much more.

Despite the constant flow of people in and out of the Book Room and phone calls all day long, Pam makes time to get to know her customers and treat each one with kindness. And all the hub-bub is just fine with her.

“I like having a million things going on,” she says. She loves the students coming in and out and takes the time to learn about each one. “I like talking with the kids and learning about their plans, where they work. I like that interaction,” Pam says.

Pam’s nominator, Central Office secretary Laura Whitkofski, praises Pam for her willingness to try new things and her always cheerful presence.

 “Although the Book Room is a hub of activity every day of the year, I've never been lost in the shuffle,” Laura says. “Every email or phone call is returned, every question is answered...often with a laugh, and always with a smile.”

With Student Activities Coordinator Karen Stovering by her side, Pam has helped created a welcoming space in the high school that is known for excellent customer service.

Laura sums up Pam’s impact simply: “When we need something from the Book Room, we know we're in good hands with Pam Williams.”

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