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Gifted Services


Carissa Spitzer
Teaching & Learning Coordinator, Gifted Services
216-529-4087 I email

Our mission, through the support of the total learning community, is to serve and meet the needs of academically talented students by nurturing their affective and cognitive development. In doing so, we hope to enhance their potential for life-long learning and maximize their productive contributions to the communities in which they will live.

Belief Statements

 A. We believe that the unique characteristics of gifted children may include:

  • High Cognitive Ability
  • High Academic Performance
  • High Creativity
  • Sensitivity
  • Leadership Ability
  • High Self-motivation
  • Visual and Performing Arts Ability

B.    We believe that these abilities must be nurtured through and advanced and/or enriched affective and cognitive curriculum.

C.    We believe in the uniqueness of individuals and in our responsibility to help others (parents, teachers, and students) to be more accepting of unique human differences and abilities.

D.    We believe in the importance of support and encouragement from the total learning community for programs and strategies designed to meet the specific needs of the high ability learner.

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