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Board of Education


Group shot of Board members

From left:  Betsy Bergen Shaughnessy, Vice President Linda Beebe, President  Michael J. Callahan, Emma Petrie Barcelona and Nora Katzenberger.

President Remarks

Jan. 3, 2023 Meeting
Incoming President Michael J. Callahan
Outgoing President Betsy Bergen Shaughnessy

Board Responsibilities

  • Acts as a policy making body functioning according to the mandates of state law;
  • Represents the state of Ohio and the citizens of Lakewood on all matters and decisions dealing with public education;
  • Conducts itself as a nonpartisan and nonsectarian body as it speaks and acts for the community; and;
  • Acts as a committee-of-the-whole on matters requiring official decisions. No Board member has independent authority to speak for the Board. 



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