Superintendent's Message

NiedzwieckiAfter all that we have been through since March 2020, I can honestly say I am thrilled to be able to say we will be ALL IN for the 2021-2022 school year! In-person learning we know works best for most students and we are grateful to be able to return to our classrooms on August 19. 

We are grateful to be able to offer those families who believe their student(s) would fare better in an online environment the option of our eLearning LKWD program, administered by Franklin School of Opportunity. COVID reinforced our knowledge that we must meet our students’ varied learning needs as best we can and technology allows us to operate and connect with our students in ways we were unable to in the past.

We recognize that the District to set students up for the best shot at academic success we not only need to meet students’ learning needs but we need to be mindful of their families’ needs as well. One example is our successful pilot of our all-day Little Ranger Academy preschool program that also offered child care last school year. We are ALL IN for the program again this year. We will have additional resources directed toward student wellness in 2021-2022 that also reflect our focus on the whole child.

In the classroom this school year, starting with our preschooler classes and through to our seniors, our teachers will be working on deeper integration of our Vision of a Lakewood Graduate components of communication, collaboration, creative and critical thinking, growth mindset, empathy, and global citizenship. Those habits of mind also dovetail nicely with our more intentional focus on diversity, equity and inclusion that includes building and districtwide task forces, expanded reading choices, new courses, inclusive language in student records, as some examples. We received the results of an equity audit that will help guide our focus in the DEI area moving forward.

If we learned anything from these past 16 months, it is that we know there will be challenges, that we will need to pivot and be flexible but that we will adapt and rise to meet those challenges. I look forward to leading this amazing district and its equally amazing students and staff!

Maggie Niedzwiecki



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