Grant 4th Grader Wins Chamber Essay Contest



Congratulations to Grant Elementary fourth-grader Jonah McAlister on winning the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce's annual “Why I Love Lakewood” essay contest. The contest is open each year to fourth-graders living in Lakewood. Jonah's prize includes $100 cash. You can hear Jonah read his essay as part of the Light Up Lakewood virtual celebration on Dec. 17 at 7 pm at this link. Nice job, Jonah! 


Why I Love Lakewood

Jonah McAlister


Lakewood has so much to offer, with all the local shops and restaurants, the park with beautiful Lake Erie and so much more. Here are some reasons why I love Lakewood.

The first reason is that Lakewood is a pretty small city, so you can walk or bike anywhere here. You can go to the shops, the library, restaurants, to your school, and so many other places. I walk my dog around the neighborhood every day, and I see many other people walking their dogs, going for a run, and biking. My favorite place to bike is Lakewood Park, which leads me to the next reason why I love Lakewood.

I love Lakewood because of the parks, especially Lakewood Park. There’s the playground and Foster pool, and so many different paths to walk on. When you go to the back of the park, you’ll find the Solstice Steps, leading down to beautiful Lake Erie. I like to go paddleboarding and kayaking with my family there, and we see many other people and boats on the lake. I feel like the park is an extravagant part of the city, and I’m guessing many other people would agree.

The third thing I like about Lakewood is the events that happen year round. First there’s the Fourth of July parade. What’s so awesome about it is that anyone can join in on the parade, or you can watch the parade from the sidewalk. Next there’s the Summer Meltdown. There’s great food, you can cool off in the sprinklers, and you can participate in the 5k or 1 mile run. Next is the Spooky Pooch Parade, where you get to dress up your dog and see so many other dogs dressed up in really creative and fun costumes. Then there’s Light Up Lakewood. There’s another parade, but that’s fine because all the parades Lakewood sets up are really fun. You’ll probably get hungry, so you can get some food and hot chocolate at the many food trucks. Lakewood has so many more fun events, but this essay would go on basically forever if I said all of them.

Finally, there are all the local shops and restaurants. Here are some examples of the many. First, there’s Paisley Monkey. It’s great if you have a younger cousin or sibling, because there are so many cute little toys. Next, there’s Lion and Blue where there are so many accessories and interesting items that you definitely don’t see every day. Barrio is a great place to get tacos/burritos, because it’s a build your own burrito/taco kind of place. Also it has so much variety. Aladdin‘s has the best hummus I’ve ever had and amazing smoothies. Harlow’s has great Italian pizza, the owners are really nice, and you can watch them make the pizzas. There are many other great restaurants, but again it seems that the list would go on practically forever.

Well those are some of the reasons why I love Lakewood. Even though 2020 has been a challenging year because of the pandemic, everyone has been very supportive of local businesses, and we have all tried to help our neighbors in need. We have a strong community and not even a pandemic can break our spirit.

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