Singer Shares Uplifting Message for Grant Students



Who knew a virtual assembly could be so much fun! Thanks to funding from the school’s PTA, Grant Elementary students were treated to a livestreamed concert with singer/songwriter Jared Campbell that aimed to inspire, boost confidence, spread kindness, and provide some levity to wrap up the school week.

The idea for the assembly/concert was hatched by Grant’s PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports) Team, which was looking for a way to not only celebrate but to reinforce all the social emotional learning that has been the focus of Fridays while the District’s students are learning remotely from home.

Campbell shared his philosophy with students about how they can “make their own history” by following three simple rules:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Never give up
  3. Learn to be a leader

Campbell expounded on #3 by telling students that being a leader doesn’t mean ordering people around, but “building each other up” and “caring for and serving the people around you.”

Grant Principal Christine Foote was thrilled with the message Campbell was able to share with students in a way that kept them engaged.

“Campbell's message of kindness, respect, and responsibility was uplifting as he brought Grant's students together through song.  In particular, one of Campbell's songs focused on friendship, and the important reminder that "I'm here for you. You're here for me." He reminded all of us to be kind to one another and to support each other during these challenging times.”

Besides Campbell’s uplifting songs, students were also treated to a trivia contest about their school. Students who were first with the answers won a CD of Campbell’s and a chance to select a prize from the school’s store of goodies. 

It’s always tough to keep students engaged while staring at a computer screen, but Campbell hit it out of the park if the comments sections on the YouTube stream was any indication. You can’t get much better from students than “awesome,” “so cool,” and “OMG, so good!” Well done, Jared Campbell.


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