Horace Mann Honored for Focus on Student Health

Kindergarten class

The Kindergarteners (above) and 1st and 2nd grade classrooms participated in Health Unleased program.

1st grade

1st grade

2nd grade

2nd grade

Horace Mann Elementary staff have embraced the idea of educating the whole child and their efforts are being recognized. Recently, the Cleveland Clinic Civic Education Department honored Horace Mann for its efforts in implementing Clinic programs that help students learn how to be caretakers of their own health.

The Clinic presented Horace Mann with a banner to hang for the school implementing their programs with eight different classes over the school year. 

5th graders participated in the Dangerous Decibels program, which teaches the concepts of noise-induced hearing loss prevention. Through a fun, interactive, 50-minute presentation, students explore the science of sound, the way it travels, and how they can protect their hearing for years to come.

K-2 classrooms took part in the Clinic's Health Unleashed program. The program promotes healthy lifestyle choices, literacy, and interdisciplinary exploration for students. 

Beyond the Clinic programs, Horace Mann also participated in the Ohio Optometric Association's healthy eyes program.


5th grade

5th graders participated in the Dangerous Decibels program.

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