Staff Spotlight Congrats to Foster, Knab and Lawrence

Posted On: Monday, December 6, 2021



Erin and MeganGarfield seventh-grade interventions specialists Erin Foster (pictured on the left) and Megan Lawrence jokingly refer to each other as work wives. It’s not hard to tell why when you see the two together, finishing each other’s sentences and working side-by-side with a purposeful passion to find the best strategies to help their students succeed.

Although Erin focuses on math and Megan language arts, the two brainstorm often with each other and the rest of the seventh-grade team about how they can best serve their mutual students' academic and behavioral needs. With five years of experience working together, the dynamic duo have built a stellar reputation among the rest of the Garfield staff for their willingness to do whatever it takes to help both students and staff. Or as Erin likes to say, “see the need, fill the need.” Megan adds that she is always asking herself what she can do to make the teacher’s life easier.

Garfield colleagues notice that students are drawn to Erin and Megan because of their positivity and kindness. “They are able to build meaningful and lasting relationships with each student they work with,” said one of their nominators, science teacher Alex Schulze. 

Whether it is creating small pullout groups or one-on-one attention, Erin and Megan always find the right method for the moment. Their fellow teachers are grateful for their excellent work and commitment to their students. 

“Their standards and expectations are unrelenting and they work tirelessly from the first minute to the last (or more!) minute of the school day,” says Alex. “I am truly grateful for their dedication to the art and craft of education and cannot imagine what our school would be like without them.“



AnneIt’s hard to describe all the ways that Anne Knab impacts the District. As executive administrative assistant to the superintendent, she keeps things humming behind the scenes. She does it with her superb organizational skills, attention to detail, and deft management of the many inquiries and requests the Superintendent’s Office receives from staff, parents, and the community.

Anne is the front door for anyone who has business with the superintendent or the Board, for which she also serves as secretary, and anyone who knocks is always received with respect and a smile.

“She appreciates everyone,”  says assistant custodian Tony Giuliano, one of Anne’s nominators. “She is a pleasure to be around and can make anyone feel special and vastly improve their day.”

Anne, who joined the District in 1996, spent her early career as secretary at Hayes Elementary before moving to Central Office in 2002 and the Superintendent’s Office in 2012. Her time in the busy, sometimes chaotic school secretary role prepped Anne for the many varying tasks that come her way in the Superintendent’s Office. It also enables her to be sensitive to and understand the needs of the school buildings.

Thanks to her longevity with the District, her role in compiling agendas for Board meetings, and her history as a former Lakewood Schools parent and Lakewood resident, Anne is the District’s go-to person for answers for many staff members. Her institutional knowledge is invaluable and families and staff alike benefit from it as they do from her commitment to excellence in any job she does.

As staff member Doug Bunsey says: “No one is more dedicated to making sure their job is done completely and correctly.”


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