CPH's Classroom Matinees Visits Garfield

classroom scenarios acting out

The Cleveland Play House Classroom Matinees program paid a visit to students at Garfield Middle School on Oct. 5 to teach the students about empathy and inclusion – qualities that help minimize bullying among peers.

The Classroom Matinees program aims to bring theater into the schools as traveling to see a stage production is often cost prohibitive for many schools. The Matinees program teaches about response to bullying, conflict resolution and racial tolerance in fun and engaging ways using performance techniques.

On the visit to Garfield, CPH actors in a school assembly presented a mini-play about bullying to get the students thinking about how they treat one another and how certain actions by one person may hurt the feelings of another. The actors then went into classrooms to act out scenarios with the students that started them thinking about what is empathy and how they could be a better friend or classmate.

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