Summer Reading Authors Visit with MS Students

scott novosol Svetlana Chmakova

Garfield & Harding Middle School students had a special treat this week as all three summer reading book authors talked with students either live or by Skype, answering questions and sharing an inside look at their craft.

student drawing with authorCartoonist and author Terri Libenson, who created the summer reading book Invisible Emmie" visited the two middle schools to share how she got started drawing and writing greeting cards for a living and how she then translated that into a career as a book author. She shared how her creative process works and invited students to try their hand at drawing some of the characters in her book

Scott Novosol, author of Fieldhouse, and Svetlana Chmakova, author of Brave, joined students who read either of those books via Skype from their homes in California. They also shared how they got started writing and what goes into writing a book and how they choose their subject matter. Students had plenty of questions for all the authors!

The visits were a great opportunity for students gain insight into the publishing world and the creative process and a chance to draw inspiration for their own creative projects.

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