Flyer Files

Last Updated: 5/23/2022 8:00 PM

Lakewood City Schools welcomes the opportunity to share events, classes and other information from Lakewood non-profit organizations on our web site, providing the purpose of the organization complements the educational mission of Lakewood City Schools. Furthermore, the DIstrict recognizes the value in providing information to our families about opportunities in our community that promote the intellectual, physical and personal and social development of our students.

Flyers posted here are not indicative of endorsement or sponsorship by the Lakewood City Schools. The District reserves the right to request the material be edited and to not post a flyer. Flyers will be posted for 30 days or until the event advertised has occurred. Flyers will also be included in a one-time email to students' families that will be sent on the Monday following receipt of the approved flyer.

Please send an email to Christine Gordillo at with the following information to request your flyer be posted:

1. Organization's name, email address and contact person with phone number

2. A PDF copy of the flyer

3. A one sentence description of what your flyer is advertising


H2O Clothes4Kids Sale

H2O Summer Service Camp

LHS Hockey Stanley Cup Finals Squares Fundraiser

Ohio Heritage Camp

LECPTA's Meet the Trucks

Girl Scouts Spring Recruiting Event (grades PreK-5)

Running Rangers Track Camp (grades 6-9)

Running Rangers Cross Country Camp (grades 3-8)

Lakewood Young Filmmakers Academy Summer Course

Girls Who Code Free Summer Camps (high school only)

Jr. Rangers' 2022 Summer Soccer Camp

Ranger Girls' Basketball Summer Camp (grades 2-8)