Early Entrance to Kindergarten

Last Updated: 1/11/2022 5:55 PM

A parent may request early admission to kindergarten if the child turns 5 years old after the District’s kindergarten entrance date and before January 1. The Ohio Department of Education recommends that districts follow their Academic Acceleration Policy for Advanced Learners in making decisions about early admission.

Early entrance to kindergarten is a whole-grade acceleration that is designed for the exceptional child who is academically, developmentally, and socially advanced as compared to others of his or her chronological age. 


In order to be eligible for academic acceleration, a child must meet the criteria set forth in the Iowa Acceleration Scale.  Testing may occur over several visits and might include:

  • Cognitive assessment
  • Academic assessment on grade level (age)
  • Academic assessment 2 grade levels above 

Please complete this Early Entrance Request Form if you wish to have your child considered for early entrance.           

Referrals are due by May 1st in the year for which admission is being requested.

No requests will be honored after this date.

For questions or additional information contact:
          Carissa Spitzer, Teaching & Learning Gifted Services Coordinator     
          216-529-4217 or carissa.spitzer@lakewoodcityschools.org