Athletic Department Budget





Board sponsored (General Fund)                              28%                $95,000.00

Generated revenue from ticket sales                         33%                $110.000.00

Donations                                                                   20%                $65,000.00

Team fundraising                                                       18%                $60,000.00


Athletic Department Income

Board of Education                                 $35,000.00      General Fund

Ticket Sales                                            $110,000.00     Athletic 300 account

Lakewood Athletic Boosters                   $60,000.00       Donation ($20k per athletic season)

Transportation                                        $60,000.00       General Fund

Total                                                       $265,000.00


Athletic Department Expenses 

Transportation                                        $60,000.00     Paid to Olmsted Falls

Officials, police, tourn entry fees           $205,000.00 

uniforms, league dues, equipment,

game workers, sevices, etc..

Total                                                       $265,000.00


Team Fundraising                               $60,000.00 (fluctuates due to spending)

*Team fundraising is money raised by our sports teams from grades 7-12. Each team has their own account and the money is held by the Lakewood Athletic Boosters that have an account with First Federal Lakewood. Each team can spend their money on items that the Athletic Department doesn't cover.

Pay to Participate Fee

The fee to participate in a sport is $75.00 and there is no family cap. This money is used to cover the cost of coach salaries. The Athletic Department doesn't receive any of this funding.

Lakewood Athletic Boosters

The athletic boosters is a group of volunteer parents that raise money through concession sales at sporting events. They also complete a variety of fundraisers like 50/50 raffles and the Night @ the Races event which brings in roughly $20,000.00 each year. The group donates $60,000 each year to the Athletic Department. 

The Lakewood Ranger Education Foundation

The foundation has set aside $5,000.00 per year that coaches may request to fund students training, equipment and special events, i.e. national competitions. Student athletes have been awarded as much as $500.00 to offset expenses for training and competitions outside of their sports season.

Ohio High School Athletic Association Tournament Games

The athletic boosters sell concessions for OHSAA tournament games that Lakewood will host. This is extra revenue that is used to help our student athletes.

Our athletes have access to over $300,000.00 annually to support their programs and help them be successful in the sport of choice.

Athletic Facility Repair

Facility repair is under the supervision of the Operations Department. Athletics works with Operations in a collaborative effort to make sure our facilities are ready for competition.


-There are 42 teams at Lakewood high school (including Varsity, Junior Varsity and freshmen level)

-There are 12 teams at Harding middle school

-There are 12 teams at Garfield middle school

-There are 70 coaches for Lakewood high school

-There are 32 coaches for Garfield and Harding middle school

-There are over 1,100 student athlete files in the Athletic Office

-There are over 300 students grades 7-12 that participate in athletics each sport season