Thing You Need to Know as a Parent of a Middle School Student Athlete

  1. Join the Lakewood Athletic Boosters
  2. Parents are required to fill out student participation forms that are available online under the “Athletic Participation Forms” tab.
  3. Students may not participate until all these forms are completed and turned into the Athletic Department. Pay to Participate offsets the cost of coaching salaries. The fee is $75.00 per sport.
  4. Students will receive a sticker to receive free entrance into home games once their pay to participate has been received.
  5. Some sports teams require the students to purchase special gear i.e.. shoes specific to the sport, under garments etc..
  6. Uniforms are supplied by the Athletic Department with the help of the Athletic Boosters.
  7. Ticket revenue from home games help support the Athletic Department in regards to paying officials and game workers.
  8. The major focus for middle school athletics are for students to #1 have fun, develop skills to prepare them for high school competition and contribute to the overall scholastic experience.
  9. Learning commitment is an important part of joining a team. It is important that you or your child inform the coach if your child has to miss practice.
  10. There is a Transportation Waiver Form that must be turned in if you plan on transporting your child instead of them riding the school bus. The form is also available online under the  “forms” tab.
  11. The middle school athletic handbook is available online for Harding or Garfield middle school.