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Laura Haberstro
1st Grade Teacher
Lincoln Elementary School
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As of March 30th, Lakewood City Schools will be implementing online digital learning. The information below is a guide only. I have updated my website for easy access to free digital learning opportunities. Many websites and apps have been made free in order to allow students to continue to learn and grow while being at home for an extended period of time. I will be available every school day by email. Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments or concerns. Remember that this is a time to continue to learn and grow. You may keep a folder with completed work and send it with your child when we are able to go back to school.  I will be able to use their completed work to plan and guide future instruction.


There are detailed instructions for each subject area. You will find each subject area under Remote Learning resources listed on the left side of this page.

Please try complete the following each school day:

Reading: 20-30 minutes (100 - 150 minutes each week)

Writing: 20-30 minutes (100 - 150 minutes each week)

Math: Watch a daily Zearn lesson, starting with Mission 1 and complete the written work to go along with the lesson (in their math learn book). 20-30 minutes (100 to 150 minutes each week) ****Only work on 1 lesson each day, or 5 per week. If necessary, I will provide access to our final math module at the beginning of April.

*The class code for Zearn is XW3Y3V. 

The username is your child's fist initial, last name, 204 example: jsmith204.  

The password is 123.

Social Studies/Science: Follow the daily lessons, starting with Day 1 (15 - 20 minutes per day - 75 - 100 minutes each week)

***Also included are brain breaks and opportunities for other types of movement throughout the day.


I understand that this may be difficult to work on each day, as many of you hold full time jobs. If you are not able to help your child complete each task daily, please try to meet the minutes for each subject by the end of each week. Feel free to use the weekends to catch up on anything that you may have fallen behind on. Your child is not required to begin working on this before March 30th. Some of the assignments will not show up on the website until March 30th, so please check back then!

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