Principal's Message


Christine Foote

Dear Grant Families,

I’m excited for our journey together as partners in supporting your student’s educational progress at Grant Elementary School this year.  While the year will start differently than in the past, our focus at Grant is still on supporting each student’s overall learning and growth towards actualizing the Vision of a Lakewood Graduate.  The district’s vision is rooted in six core competencies that guide learning in academic, social, and emotional facets and includes communication, collaboration, growth mindset, global awareness, empathy, and critical and creative thinking skills. 

To achieve this Vision of a Lakewood Graduate we will connect with your student and support his or her academic, social, and emotional needs.  We will engage with your student and provide specific instructional feedback to help him or her grow as we celebrate this learning.  In short, our plan at Grant is to connect, support, engage, and celebrate the overall growth and success for your child.  

The Grant team is ready to support and assist your student with his or her unique learning strengths and needs, and we appreciate all that you do to provide support at home along the year. I look forward to meeting you in the weeks and months ahead of us.  Please feel free to contact me via email at or by phone at 216-529-4217.

In partnership,

Christine Foote, M. Ed.



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