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What does embracing digital literacy in the classroom mean to students?


  • Motivates students in their learning due to their enjoyment and ease of use with various technological mediums.
  • Reaches students of various learning styles. Technology utilization compliments Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.
  • Allows students to construct and design their own unique products reflective of their personalities and learning needs/styles.
  • Encourages students to manipulate differing forms of media to construct their own meaning.
  • Enables students to easily share their learning with teachers, families and peers.
  • Gives students the opportunity to explore technological mediums which inevitably increase job skills that employers seek for the workforce.

Digital literacy isn't knowing computers inside and out; it's about using technology to change the way you think. If critical thinking skills haven't yet become a part of your students' digital citizenship, it's time to rethink your teaching strategy.

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