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Joe Niemantsverdriet


Principal’s Message It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of the third quarter. If you have not already done so, please check your child’s progress through Progress book. Winter sports wind to a close during the first couple weeks of March and the athletic department has already begun to look to the spring season. Any questions about girl’s 7th and 8th grade softball or track & field for 7th and 8th grade boys and girls can be directed to our district athletic director, Mr. Sean Jackson at LHS. Game schedules can be found under the Athletics Link at LHS.

Our jazz band will be performing at 7:30pm on March 4th in the Civic Auditorium located at LHS.

Academically, the month of March will be used to continue to build upon the concepts learned up to this point in the school year and reinforce important topics and skills that will allow students to succeed in the classroom and on our state assessments. However, we all know that having a well-rounded education includes much more than performing well on the state assessment tests. Well-rounded students engage in activities that develop 21st Century skills in order to create new ideas, work well in teams, and explore topics in depth and apply their knowledge to the world around them. Harding students and teachers are constantly engaged in activities that lead to the development of demonstrated leadership skills, the integration of new information, the appreciation of art and culture, and team building. I congratulate all of the parents, students, and teachers of Harding who work together to create well-rounded students.

Our PTSA is hosting a school dance on March 13th beginning at 6:30pm for current Harding Middle School students. Parents should pick their child up after the dance at 8:30pm.

Thank you for your continued support of HMS. 


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