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Joe Niemantsverdriet

Good afternoon.  This is Joe Niemantsverdriet, Principal of Harding Middle School.


As we have completed the first two weeks of the fourth quarter, our students, teachers, and staff have been continuing to work hard to teach and learn the curriculum for their current grade level subjects.  Our PTSA has been actively supporting our teachers and students behind the scenes and helping to identify opportunities to support potential end of year treats for our students.  We are also preparing for the start of the state assessment cycle which begins April 20th.  Students in each grade level participate in the state assessments for ELA and Math.  Additionally, the 8th grade students participate in the state assessment for Science. 


In this update, you will find the district state assessment calendar, a reminder about the need to have chrome books charged and with students to be used for state assessments, information about the Builder’s Club sock drive, yearbook ordering, and information about students going outside during their lunch periods.



State Assessment Information


The dates for the state assessments are below.  Students that are engaged in the remote or eLearning models were mailed letters with the specific dates and times for students to come to the school for the state assessments.  The assessment dates for remote and eLearning students will be the same as the dates for students attending in-person.  Students in the remote and eLearning models should plan to arrive at the school at 8:20am to begin their assessments at 8:30am.  Students engaged in the in-person model will begin their assessments at the start of the school day and should report at the normal time.  In-person learning model students will be told by their teachers which classroom they are to report to for the assessments.  Students in the remote or eLearning model will be assigned to the correct location for the assessments upon their arrival at the school.


April 20 - ELA 6 Part 1
April 21 - ELA 6 Part 2

April 22 - ELA 8 Part 1
April 23 - ELA 8 Part 2

April 26 - ELA 7 Part 1
April 27 - ELA 7 Part 2

April 29 - Science 8 Part 1
April 30 - Science 8 Part 2

May 4 - Math 6 Part 1
May 5 - Math 6 Part 2

May 6 - Math 8 Part 1
May 7 - Math 8 Part 2

May 11 - Math 7 Part 1
May 12 - Math 7 Part 2


Chrome books for State Assessments


Students will again be completing the state assessments on their chrome books.  Please be sure to have the students charge their chrome books each night and bring them in each day.  We walked the students through a check of the condition of their chrome books through math classes last week.  If your student’s chrome book needs repair, please remind them to take it to the LRC as soon as they realize it is in need of repair.



Harding Builder’s Club Sock Drive


Harding Builders Club is holding a sock drive.  The Sock Drive will take place from March 29th-April 16th.  We will be donating the socks to the Malachi House to donate to those in need.  For remote and eLearning students, a box has been placed by main entrance near the main office.  English classes will be collecting the socks from students engaged in the in-person learning model.  We are only accepting new socks at this time due to COVID guidelines for Malachi House.  This is a great cause and every little bit helps!  If you have any questions, please email for more information.



Yearbook Ordering Information


The 2020-2021 Harding Middle School Yearbook is still available for purchase. The window to order yearbooks ends on April 30th.  The cost of the yearbook is $19.  Please use the link below to order through the online ordering portal.  As a reminder, the yearbooks will not be delivered until after the start of next school year due to the pandemic and printing timelines.



Getting Student Outside


Harding Middle School will be trying to allow students to go outside during a portion of their lunch period when the weather and ground conditions permit.  We ask parents to review the following expectations with their students to ensure everyone understands this is not a time for physical contact but rather a chance to get outside and enjoy the nice weather when possible.


Students must adhere to the following safety procedures while outside:

1. Masks must be worn at all times

2. Physical distancing guidelines followed with 3-foot separation

3. No running, tackling, or games involving tagging others

4. Listen to all adult directives while outside



Thank you for your continued support for our students and staff,



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