Posted On: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The second quarter rolls around and for my book report I found a book in our own school library titled The True Meaning of Smekday. As I was reading this book over Thanksgiving break I realized that this was really fun to read. It was well written and in the style of two essays written by the main character so it was a little bit different from most other books. I finished the book and presented my book report but I was still curious. So I went to the authors, Adam Rex’s, website. As I was looking around I discovered Adam Rex’s email. I thought it would be really cool to email him to tell him how much I liked the book. So I did. The very next day as I was checking my email, there was an email from Adam Rex! Mr. Rex said that he was really excited to meet me and to know that even people from Ohio are reading his books. He was very friendly and casual in his email so I suspected that he would be in real life.
          When I forwarded the email to Mr. Spooner, he took the initiative to ask Adam Rex to skype with our class. I was really excited when he said yes. So our whole class came up with a question each and sat in Mr. Spooner’s chair (by the camera and microphone) and asked Adam Rex a question. He took time to carefully answer each question. He told us about his other books and his life in Arizona. He even addressed me in person when we started the Skype!
          This was definitely an experience I will never forget as long as I live. I met an author of a book that I really liked!
By Julia Neff

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