Posted On: Monday, February 1, 2010

The first place 7th graders from Harding plus
adivser Ruth Pangrace

The Harding 8th Grade first-place team

The second-place Garfield 7th Grade team

The Garfield 8th Grade team

Both Harding and Garfield Middle Schools performed exceptionally at the District Power of the Pen Writing Competition held on January 23 at St. Joseph Academy. Out of 23 schools that participated, the Garfield 7th grade writers placed 2nd in team standings, while Harding’s writers took 1st place in both the 7th and 8th grade team standings! There were outstanding individual performances including a first place overall by Harding 8th grader Sarah Neff.

Out of approximately 125 writers per grade level, Harding and Garfield placed many writers in the top fifteen:

 Grade 7:
2nd place:        Jon Poilpre               Garfield
3rd place:         Maggie Pizzo             Harding
4th place:         Kathryn Urban           Harding
10th place:       Sara Shyte                 Garfield
12th place:       Julia Houk                 Garfield
Grade 8:
1st place:         Sarah Neff                  Harding
8th place:         Irina Vatamanu         Harding
11th place:       Nora Varcho              Harding
13th place:       Zach Sanderson       Garfield
15th place:       Madison Burns          Harding
In addition, Maggie Pizzo and Sarah Neff, both of Harding, won “Best of Round” awards.
Although on average 50% of writers qualify for the Regional Tournament, Lakewood’s teams qualified 83%!  (Garfield 9/12; Harding 11/12, including their entire 8th grade team!) The regionals will take place March 27 in Bedford.
All of Lakewood’s Power of the Pen writers, whether or not they qualified for the regional tournament, have worked particularly hard to push their writing to new levels, and should thus be proud to among the best of Lakewood’s middle school writers.  Team participants follow (includes alternates; regional qualifiers are asterisked):
Harding, Grade 7:
Ann Elaban *
Renee Klann *
Ryan Mitchell
Maggie Pizzo *
Laurel Roelle
Sarah Smith *
Kathryn Urban *
Harding, Grade 8:
Madison Burns *
Georgia Cole *
Jameson Foran *
Colin Levis
Sarah Neff *
Nora Varcho *
Irina Vatamanu *
Garfield Grade 7:
Julia Houk *
Jon Poilpre *
Sam Rothacker
Abby Shuga *
Sara Shyte *
Parker Smith
Carleigh Spence
Garfield, Grade 8:
Grace Bader *
Charlotte Link
Grace Hurley *
Lisa Peng *
Kendall King *
Zach Sanderson *
Harding Coaches:
Mrs. Mary Anne Kinzley
Mrs. Ruth Pangrace
Mrs. Laurie Pollner
Garfield Coaches:
Mrs. Martha Exoo
Mr. Dan Smith
Mrs. Karen Stohr

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