New Web Page Unveiled!

Posted On: Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New School District

Web Site Will
Improve Communications
Announcing the new Lakewood City School District web site! 
Visitors to the Lakewood City School District web site,, will notice some much needed and long awaited changes! With a new look, easier navigation, and more information, parents, teachers, students and the community will find the site much more helpful and full of the things they have said they need…from forms and the names and emails of staff members to what is new and what is happening in the district.
In March of 2007, the district’s Communications Coordinator, with the help of the Communication’s Committee, began the process of researching and developing a new, up-to-date, user friendly web site for the district. The district has hired Schoolpointe, a web design company from Columbus, Ohio, to design and host the site, which features the security, technology, and tech support the district was looking for.
New pages and links will continue to be added over the next few months. The site has a wide array of options for teachers and staff to communicate with students, parents and the community. Eventually, the district hopes to pursue pod casting, blogging and video streaming.
The timing of the new web site coincides with the school construction plan, in which the district will renovate or replace every school in the district. With 21st century educational facilities now in Phase II, it was time to develop 21st century communications!

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