Art Teacher Vargas Creates Magical Mural

Posted On: Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Cesar with mural

Harding Middle School art teacher Cesar Vargas has created an extraordinary piece of art designed to spark the imagination and encourage every student who walks into the school’s library to pick up a book and read. The mural does not disappoint.

“I wanted to show the worlds reading can take you to, and that you can read anywhere,” Vargas said of his inspiration for his piece, called simply, “Read More Books.” The large mural fills the space of what once was a blank 18-foot-high wall above cases of books.

The mural is filled with little gems such as a constellation that takes the form of a boy reading, or the rainbow pin on the wise owl’s hat. It’s the kind of piece where you discover something new each time you see it.

The idea to create the mural grew out of a conversation between Harding Media Specialist Kevin Costello and Vargas about doing something with the empty space. Vargas had already created several murals at Hayes Elementary during his time teaching there prior to moving to Harding. The idea came to fruition when Sherwin-Williams’ Lakewood store generously donated the paint.

And so now what was once was a space devoid of any interest is now a place of wonder.

“Every kid knew that it that it was going to be good,” said Costello, “but (the finished product) has just blown every kid’s mind.”

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