Visit from Ms. Sameen, a Pakistani lawyer

Posted On: Thursday, October 27, 2016

By Jamie Holland

On Thursday, October 27th, Mr. Spooner and Mrs. Barnes classes gathered together to listen to a talk with Ms. Sameen, a Pakistani lawyer.  She talked about what she did as a human rights lawyer, and what her life was like in Pakistan.  She also said that she defends the rights of people who don't get rights that we people do in the US. Finally, Ms. Sameen shared with us that she believes that all rights are important, such as freedom of religion, speech, and life.  

Going with our Seven Servants assignment, we created some questions to ask Ms. Sameen from Who, What, Where, When, Why, How and Assumptive Questions.  here are some of the strongest questions below!  Here is a link to a video I created about the Seven Servants:

Here are the some of the powerful questions we asked here:
Who inspired you to be a lawyer?
Ms. Sameen's answer is: No one in particular inspired Ms. Sameen, her surroundings just told her she needed to help people, so that is why she became a lawyer.

What is transparency?
Ms. Sameen's anwere is: To be transparent, you have to be clear about your work, you have to give all of your information, and not hide anything.  When you are transparent, you win trust.

Where were some places that you worked?
Ms. Sameen's anwere is: Some places Ms. Sameen has visited are Germany, Sweden, and many cities in Pakistan.

When did you start middle school?
Ms. Sameen's answer is: Ms. Sameen was eleven years old.

Why did you choose to be a lawyer?
Ms. Sameen's answer is: Ms. Sameen saw bad stuff in her surroundings, being in Pakistana,  She heard a lot about Malala, hears violence, so many injustices, so she just though to help someone.  Her father helped her forward when she said she wanted to help someone. She tries to defend people and be nice.

How do you set goals for yourself?  How do you decided if I should do this?
Ms. Sameen's answer is: When you grow up, you discover a lot about yourself, and a lot was going on around me, when you grow up you are more concerned, and trying to discover, you are curious, and she already knew she would be a lawyer.  Her main goal, however, was to help peolple, so she set goals that helped people. 

Assumptive Questions- Who inspired you to be lawyer?
Ms. Smeen's answer is: No on in particular inspried Ms. Sameen, her surroundins just told her she needed to help people, so that is why she became a lawyer.

Please give a special shoutout to Case Western Reserve University, Mr. Spooner/Mrs. Barnes, Lila Wright (and her aunt) and Ms. Sameen, of course!

Ms. Sameen talks to the 6th grade Advance Language Arts classes at Harding Middle School



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