Harding Middle School/Best Buy Attendance All-Star Partnership 2016-17

Posted On: Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Best Buy Attendance All-Stars partnership began several years ago to increase awareness of the importance of coming to school.  The program was simple – give away fun and exciting prizes to students with perfect attendance!  We understand the challenges that school presents at this age, but we know regular attendance at school can make all the difference.

This year we will be giving awesome prizes away periodically throughout the year to students that have perfect attendance.  Best Buy will provide students with prizes like a tablet, laptop computer, headphones, camera, or some other fun piece of technology.  During the 1st and 3rd quarter we will have an assembly in the gym to give the prizes away and play an energetic and competitive game of Best Buy employees versus the education staff of Harding Middle School.  In addition to winning the awesome prizes mentioned above – all the winners will be an honorary Best Buy Employee for the day, and take on the teachers with the Best Buy Team.

For more information about the Best Buy Attendance Partnership, feel free to contact Mr. Sullivan.

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