Summer Reading Culminating Event

Posted On: Monday, September 5, 2016

Hello Harding Community,

We have an exciting opportunity set for our middle school students on September 7.   As a culmination for our district's summer reading book, we will be having a Google Hangout with a young woman from Swat Valley, Pakistan. Risham Waseem will be "hanging out" with us that afternoon to show students her short documentary about the challenges in Swat Valley that echo the words in I am Malala.  

Our speaker, Risham, is a young woman that grew up in Swat Valley and currently still lives in the region.  She helped create a film, Burning Paradise, that students will view together at the assembly.  She also leads a community theater as a way to promote peace and teach conflict resolution skills.   

That day in ELA class we will be having a "One World Day" where we will focus on global issues with education and basic human rights.   

Thank you to all for your support with summer reading!

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