Posted On: Wednesday, November 18, 2015





Our Lakewood middle school choirs are participating the Stop the Hate: Youth Speak Out Essay Contest.  After a very successful performance at the Youth Sing Out back in October, students are now encouraged to write an essay in less than 500 words encouraging others to Stop the Hate.  But it is not just the choir students who can benefit from this contest.  Any middle school student is eligible to write an essay and enter the contest.  Mrs. Franks class has already join in!  If you would like to be a part of this contest, simply go to for complete rules and information.

This year’s prompt for grades 6-10: In 500 words or less, describe a time when you or someone you know close silence or inaction over speaking up in a difficult or uncomfortable situation.  What was the harm in not doing or saying something?  What did you learn from that experience and how will it influence your actions in the future?  All entries must include real life experiences.  Essays are due December 4, 2015

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