Posted On: Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jordan Sonnenblick addresses 6th & 7th graders at Harding.

District middle school students had the privilege this week of hearing from the author of this year’s summer reading book, “Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie,” by Jordan Sonnenblick. “Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie” is a story about Stephen, a 13-year-old whose family’s life turns upside down when Steven’s 5-year-old brother is diagnosed with cancer.

Sonnenblick addressed Harding students on Thursday and Garfield students had their turn. He shared how when he was a middle schooler, he was “miserable” and felt like an outcast and talked about how he was going to go about being a happy adult.

He told them that they must find something they are really good at and “practice, practice, practice.” Then, once they have mastered that skill, “find a way to use that skill to make someone’s life better.” He told the students, “The people who are the happiest are the ones who use their gifts to make people feel better.”

Sonnenblick’s book and visit was the kickoff for the students to delve into the middle schools’ theme for this year, “Be the Change!” Prior to Sonnenblick’s visit, students at both schools pent their Language Arts classes discussing change in their school, family, community and the impact of those changes. Then the students wrote “Personal Plans for Being the Change” and an action plan on what steps they would take to accomplish the change.

Sonnenblick, who seems to have a knack for relating to middle schoolers, stuck around after his presentation and signed autographs and also had lunch with a small group of students at each school.

These Harding students were lucky enough to share lunch with Jordan Sonnenblick.

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