Posted On: Monday, August 31, 2015

Garfield 8th-graders were the first to receive their Chromebooks on Aug. 31.

A goal that has been in the sights of the administration for a number of years is now a reality as every middle schooler in the District has been given the opportunity to have a personal laptop for use during the school year.

The rollout of this 1-to-1 computing project and its 1,200 Chromebooks began Aug. 31 at Garfield and should wrap up by Sept. 16 at Harding when the last of the middle school students will receive their machines. Each student will be assessed a $50 technology fee for the machine that will allow for a one-time replacement if the student’s laptop is damaged. Students who receive supply fee waivers will also receive a waiver for the tech fee. After three years, a student may purchase the Chromebook for $1.

The goal of the 1-to-1 project is to get technology in the hands of every student both in and out of school as the need to be technologically fluent is more and more pressing for our students. District officials recognize that using technology is no longer an option but a requirement for preparing Lakewood City Schools students for the job market and the proliferation of online tests and courses that are becoming more common.

Realizing that not every household will be ready to support a laptop at home, the District provided parents with a number of resources to help them connect with low-cost and free Internet services. The District will also be offering after-school access to our school buildings’ Wi-Fi and has enlisted the Lakewood Public Library to offer support for those parents and students who need it. 

In late August, the District held parent information sessions that educated parents about the responsibilities of having a student laptop at home, including reminding them about social media dangers and cyberbullying. 

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