Posted On: Monday, February 3, 2014

Harding Social Studies teacher's slam dunk was the highlight of the game vs. the Best Buy Geek Squad.

On Friday, Jan. 31, staff members from Harding Middle School challenged the Best Buy Geek Squad of North Olmsted to a friendly game of basketball to support Harding’s attendance incentive program.  While previously at LHS, the attendance incentive program strives to raise student awareness of the connection between good attendance and academic success. 

While the Harding Staff team didn’t win the game, there was a lot of excitement to be seen.  Harding student attendance winners include: 7th graders Madalyn Fullard and Ashley Parmelee, and 6th grader Jordan Brenot.  Because of their excellent attendance, these students won the Kindle Fire HD tablets. 

Thank you Best Buy of North Olmsted for supporting perfect attendance at Harding Middle School!  

Best Buy manager Matt Romance (left) and Harding Assistant Principal Shane Sullivan with Kindle Fire winners Jordan Brenot (from left), Madalyn Fullard and Ashlee Parmalee.

The Harding staff team and the Best Buy Geek Squad team.

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