Posted On: Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Eighth-grader Alex Schwarz (left) earned himself a Best Witness award for his portrayal of widow Lynn Barnett. The Harding Mock Trial team in front of the Judiciary Center (right).

The verdict is in! Harding Mock Trial team had a great day at the Ohio Judiciary Center in Columbus on April 11. The Harding Mock Trial Defense and Prosecuting Teams won three out of a possible four awards for Best Witnesses and Best Attorney and were awarded an “Outstanding” rating overall, the second-highest rating.

Earning Best Witnesses were Henry Bish and Alex Schwarz. Elizabeth Pearlman won Best Attorney as a defense lawyer in the first trial.

Based on the novel, "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry," students playing the roles of witnesses and attorneys presented their cases in front of actual judges in the Ohio Supreme Court building. Henry Bish earned his award for his portrayal of Marion Sims and Alex Schwarz for his portrayal of the grieving widow, Lynn Barnett. Other participants were attorneys Albert Foster, Melina Lawrence, and Jenna Thomas. Nava Ramazanali, Lily Wood, Amelia McDonnell, and Emma Bressler portrayed characters from the novel as witnesses in the murder trial.

Harding Mock Trial is coached by Ruth Pangrace and legal advisor Pete Kwiatkowski.

Pangrace wished to extend thanks to the district for providing van drivers, additional support from student teacher Fred Blackman and especially to the Harding PTSA for a stipend that covered registration and expenses.

“OCLRE and the Middle School Mock Trial program provides an incredible and unforgettable experience for our students every year,” said Pangrace.


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