Posted On: Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sixth graders Claire Hylton (left) and Margaret McIlwee interview Fox 8 News anchors Kristi Capel and Wayne Dawson.


Harding Morning News Crew members Claire Hylton and Margaret McIlwee were thinking up ways to add a little spice to the school's Harding Morning News show and on a lark, emailed Fox 8 News to see if any of their anchors might be willing to come be interviewed on the show. To their surprise, Fox 8 took them up on the request and sent morning news anchors Wayne Dawson and Kristi Capel to be guest on the show.

The two TV personalities sat for about a half-hour interview with the two sixth-graders while other members of the News Crew ran the equipment. Dawson and Capel displayed the great on-air chemistry they show each morning on the Fox Morning Show. They answered questions about the paths of their careers, what it's like to get up so early (2 a.m.!) and what's entailed in putting a news show together.

It was a great opportunity for our students to gain some wisdom and tips from news crew professionals.

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